3-in-1 COMBOS

These combo units are the perfect blend of bouncin’, climbin’ and slidin’ fun all-in-one! Suitable for ages 1 -12.

4-in-1 COMBOS

Our Mickey Park, Justice League and Disney ‘Frozen’ units contain a Bounce, Climb, Slide and Beachball Hoop.

Come jump, climb, slide and try to make it through the obstacles in Merlin’s Castle or Noah’s Ark. Tons of fun for any party or event. Suitable for ages 2-12.

5-in-1 COMBOS

5-in-1 combo units include a jumping area, climb, slide, inflated obstacles and a basketball hoop to keep the fun coming from all directions.

Choose from Disney Cars, Disney Princess, Safari Adventure OR the New Fun Zone Combo thatĀ features lots of bounce area, climb, slide, obstacles and beach ball hoops. Perfect for outside or inside events. Best for ages 2-12