Savannah’s newest Pub is located…… wherever you would like it to be!

 Whether it’s a corporate event, a reception, backyard party or fundraiser,

 treat your guests to this unique inflatable brick cottage setup at your next event no matter where you are located.  Turn your space into a winter wonderland cottage style pub creating a place where guests of all ages can enjoy some hot chocolate and treats or have an enclosed beer garden space at your next outdoor event.  Golf courses can even have the 19th hole anywhere, it’s large enough to drive a golf cart through so a beverage can be served on any hole! 

The options are endless with this inflatable pub.  

Branded Experience Option: This rental item can be turned into a branded interactive experience to promote your message, product, or company.

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20′ x 30′ holds up to 60 guests   add tables, chairs, lighting, whiskey barrels and more.