Weather can often disrupt the best-laid plans. Even if you think through every detail, unexpected storms may disrupt your event. Those planning on hosting an event this winter in Georgia can turn to Sun Country Amusements for the best event rentals in Savannah and beyond. Our company offers a range of quality party rentals, including bounce houses, party slides, obstacle courses, and more. We know how important it is to have the perfect event, which is why our inflatable rental pros are here to provide the fun!

Georgia is home to some unpredictable winter weather. If you’re planning on hosting a big event this season, be sure to brush up on a few of our tips to help make the big day a smashing success. If you’re ready to find clean, fun, and affordable party rentals, you can book online to see how affordable our services can be!

Keep a Close Eye on the Weather

While meteorology has come a long way in accurately predicting the weather, it’s important to check the conditions in the days leading up to your event. The weather can still change in an instant, leaving your partygoers soaked and cold. Be sure to start checking the weather about a week before the party. If you have a lot of guests coming from a different location, check their weather conditions as well. The same approach can also help any professionals coming to your party, including the catering and entertainment. Inclement weather should warrant a call to these vendors to check their status. 

Sun Country Amusements reserves the right to cancel your reservations if weather patterns will create unsafe conditions for your party. It always pays to check!

Prepare to Be Flexible

Based on the size and scope of your event, canceling at the last second may not be a simple process. Therefore, we recommend introducing some flexibility into your big event. Don’t adhere to a strict schedule for all of your activities, especially if guests will be delayed by the road conditions. We recommend generating a versatile schedule that can quickly be changed and updated as needed. Be sure to communicate with your guests if delays are expected, and be sure to generate a backup plan if throwing the party becomes impractical.

Generate a Backup Plan

As we stated before, canceling your event may not be a feasible option. Even if you could cancel, the loss of resources and wasted effort may prove to be a lot to deal with. Instead, generate a backup plan for your event. This can include changing venues, reducing the activities planned, or generating an entirely new plan if rain or snow becomes too heavy. Be sure to keep your guests, vendors, and other individuals updated on the plan!

Are you stressed about your party? Sun Country Amusements specializes in event planning services to create the best results for our customers. Our team can work with you to come up with a Plan B in case of severe weather. This plan can include backup locations, activities, and more. 

Look for Quality Party Rentals

One way to minimize your stress on the day of your event is to secure quality event rentals. You’ll want to be able to rely on one source for all of your inflatable slides, bounce rentals, concessions, and games to entertain your guests. Sun Country Amusements in Savannah specializes in providing clean, safe, and fun results to all of our happy customers. We know how to throw a good time, and will provide the inflatable rentals you need, as well as a variety of games and add-ons. Want to include a foam pit at your party? Will your guests love munching on cotton candy? Our party rental company is ready to provide all of the activities and goodies you need!

Save Money on Your Inflatable Rentals With Us!

Sun Country Amusements believes in providing safe, clean fun for partygoers of all ages. In order to provide professional results for every customer, our party rental company in Savannah works to provide the best value for any event. If you’re looking for cost-effective specials this season, be sure to check out our page for winter deals. Our current special offers a bounce house rental for just $99 when you reserve any other inflatable rental of $135 or more. Check out this sweet deal and more, and be sure to contact us if you have questions!

Start Planning Today

Your big event may be happening in the dead of winter, meaning it will fall on you to keep an eye on the weather and update your plans as needed to ensure a fun time for your guests. Sun Country Amusements is ready to supply the fun and excitement to partygoers of all ages, relying on our inflatable slides, bounce houses, and more. We specialize in party rentals and more in Savannah, and will be happy to discuss your plans with you.

Contact us today to get your party started!