You’re planning a big party and want an inflatable bounce house to provide the right level of fun for your guests. While investing in an inflatable rental feels like a straightforward process, the truth is that several factors must be accounted for to ensure your party is full of excitement in the safest manner possible. If you’re on this page because you’re looking for the perfect bounce house to rent, then be sure you keep reading for tips on how to find the right choice for your party!

Sun Country Amusements of Savannah, Georgia specializes in party rentals of all types to infuse fun into any event, whether it be a birthday bash, fundraising drive, or church event. We focus on safety and professionalism to ensure our customers receive the best results for their unique party plans.

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Know Your Audience

The age range of your bounce house guests, as well as the theme and purpose, will play a large role in which style you reserve for your party. Inflatable bounce houses come in several sizes and layouts to enable a fun, safe experience for a variety of ages. Toddlers and teenagers can both enjoy a bounce house, but keep in mind that the inflatable rental will be best if tailored to the correct age. These rentals range in size from around 60 square feet to more than 200 square feet. If you’re planning on a princess party, then we recommend avoiding the Jurassic bounce house! The same can be said for adventure-loving little boys who are stuck with the Doll House bounce rental.

Sun Country Amusements offers party rentals for fun-seekers of all ages, and our bounce houses are one of the most popular options. We can help you find the right size and style of bounce house to accomodate all of your guests. You can find the perfect fit for kids ages 1-12 years, and if you have any questions or concerns, our inflatable rental specialists are here to help!

Available Bounce House Space

Based on where you host your party, you may be tasked with setting up the adventure with a limited amount of space. If you’re planning on renting a bounce house for your backyard, be sure you have enough space in the first place!

If you plan on hosting your event outdoors, it’s important to consider the available space both above and below your bounce house. Overhead power lines, underground utilities, and other considerations must be taken into account for a fun and safe time. It’s also important to check if your chosen rental is made for outdoor use. Most rentals set clear guidelines on how much clearance is needed around the perimeter for safety. Be sure to inquire about the total area required to properly set up your bounce house rental to avoid any problems!

Budgeting Concerns

While simple bounce houses will only run a couple hundred dollars, bounce house and slide combos can end up costing over $1,000. The age, size, and amenities included with your inflatable rental will play a role in the total cost, so be sure to have a clear budget in mind when you reserve your bounce house.

Party planners must be budget-conscious to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. If you’re worried about the price of renting a bounce house, then be sure to contact us for a free quote!

Find the Right Inflatable Rental Company

Ultimately, the fun and safety of your guests will depend largely on the quality of your party rental professionals. It’s important to ensure that your rental company is reliable and insured in the event that something goes wrong. Avoid companies that do not offer a range of quality inflatable bounce houses, as you don’t want to settle for something you’ll regret later! Even if you find the perfect bounce house, your event may be spoiled by unclean surfaces, broken components, and power issues.

Sun Country Amusements is here to serve as your trusted source for party rentals in Savannah, delivering amazing experiences to customers across the state! We also offer event-planning services to help generate the best turnouts and experience for any event, so be sure to contact us or book online if you have questions or when you’re ready to get your party started!